Former South Carolina governor and US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has recently announced the suspension of her 2024 presidential campaign, but her escape to her lavish home on Kiawah Island has still attracted a lot of attention. This opulent 5,700-square-foot Mediterranean-style home is located about 25 miles southwest of Charleston.

Haley and her spouse Michael purchased their four-bedroom four-and-a-half-bathroom estate for $2.4 million in 2019. Since that time, its value has experienced a surge. It is presently estimated to be valued at approximately $4.8 million, per assessments. Built in 2003, the estate exudes elegance, from the moment you step into its two-story foyer offering a glimpse of the living experience it offers to its residents.

The home has several outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxing, all of which have tiers of balconies and terraces that give expansive views of the surroundings. Its relaxed dining area effortlessly leads to a patio, making it the ideal location for outdoor meals or unhurried get-togethers with loved ones.

With its own private balcony and large sitting space with a breakfast bar, the main bedroom suite is a haven inside the home. Even the pickiest residents will find enough storage space in the two walk-in closets. The four-stop elevator also adds convenience and accessibility for visitors with limited mobility.

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Other aspects of this opulent home capture the imagination as well. The half-acre property has several outside features, such as a sun-filled in-ground pool, a loggia by the pool, and an outdoor kitchen that’s perfect for summer parties and relaxing weekends in South Carolina’s warm weather. The property’s finely maintained grounds, which include century-old oaks and palm palms, contribute to its charm and offer a tranquil setting for outdoor leisure.

Nikki Haley’s return to her opulent South Carolina home heralds a calm and sophisticated new chapter in her remarkable career. She may have made headlines with her decision to halt her presidential campaign, but her retreat to this opulent home provides a window into the private lives of a prominent person used to the better things in life.

Her lavish home on Kiawah Island is a monument to Haley’s accomplishments and influence in the political and real estate industries. While she mulls over her next course of action, Hale may consider going back to work for the government, exploring opportunities in the private sector, or just relaxing at home to prepare for something new.

Haley dropped out of the race on Super Tuesday after the primaries showed a near sweep for former president Donald Trump. However, Haley made history as the first woman on a Republican ticket to win a primary election, with victories in the District of Columbia and Vermont. Haley announced the suspension of her campaign after Trump continued to hold a decisive lead. This decision leaves Donald Trump as the only remaining major candidate on the Republican primary ballot, making it likely that he will face President Joe Biden in the election later this year. Trump and Biden also faced off in 2020, where Biden beat the incumbent Trump.