Despite many price reductions, musician Travis Scott and reality TV star Kylie Jenner still have trouble selling their Beverly Hills property. The opulent mansion, supposedly the first property the famous couple bought together, was initially offered for $21.9 million two years ago. The estate’s price has been reduced many times to draw in purchasers.

The property was unsuccessfully advertised for $19.9 million last year. Jenner and Scott temporarily removed it from the market due to the lack of demand. But the seven-bedroom estate reappeared earlier this week at a lower price of $17,995,000. Despite this significant price drop, the current asking price remains $4.5 million higher than the $13,450,000 they paid for it in 2018.

Luxury real estate specialists have offered their opinions on the difficulties facing the property’s sale. According to Rochelle Atlas Maize, executive director of luxury estates at Nourmand & Associates, the house is not appealing to potential purchasers because the asking price, initially just under $22 million, was too high. According to her, the property is currently worth between $16.5 and $17 million. founder and luxury real estate broker Arvin Haddad notes that Jenner and Scott could have overpaid for the home when they bought it for $13.5 million. Even with all enhancements, the perceived worth may differ from the selling price. According to Haddad, bringing the price below $15 million may pique buyers’ interest.


Haddad draws attention to possible problems with the property and price concerns. He points out that the backyard is tiny and has no grass and that the steps straight down to the pool are dangerous, especially for little children’s play areas. Additionally, some purchasers could be turned off by the property’s position at the bottom of a canyon, which restricts natural light.

Jenner and Scott began their relationship in 2017. This is the first property they bought together, and they will continue attempting to sell it. Though the two are seemingly still friends and co-parents, they have not been in a relationship since early 2023. It could be more apparent if the listing of their Beverly Hills home has anything to do with their split, as it was listed soon before the world learned about their relationship status.

Since Jenner and Scott are in a relaxed mood to sell the house, Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty real estate agent Cara Ameer speculates that they could not be motivated sellers. This might account for their readiness to hold out for the ideal offer or use different approaches to draw in purchasers, including collaborating with various listing agents to broaden their reach.

Several variables, including initial overpricing, perceived worth, property concerns, and seller motivation, contribute to the difficulties in selling Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Beverly Hills residence. If the price changes and issues are resolved, future buyers may find the home more appealing.