Tomo, a mortgage startup founded by Zillow alumni, has announced a new real estate portal, Tomo Real Estate, to help give homeowners a drastic strategic advantage. Using Tomo Real Estate’s unique search experience, home buyers can receive insider intel, offering them ways to not only receive insider intel but also to approach negotiations and help them purchase their dream homes.

The new portal comes at a crucial point in Tomo’s business development—the creation of purchase mortgages through Tomo Mortgage. The company has spent over three years developing mortgage tech that shortens the closing times on a mortgage and provides a better customer experience. This significant step forward will help home buyers at every stage of their home-buying journey. 

“Let’s face it,” said Tomo Co-founder and CEO Greg Schwartz. “The search and find process hasn’t changed much since mobile phones launched. Home buyers have been stuck adapting to the technology and experiences available, instead of the technology and experience streamlining how people actually search for homes—which is far more nuanced than a zip code, bed and bath count.”

Upon launching, Tomo Real Estate will be available in markets covering 50 percent of the real estate listings in the United States. With an AI-first platform that uses OpenAI to power free-text search capabilities, home buyers can describe their home as they would to a friend or a real estate agent, and the platform will deliver similar results. Tomo Real Estate’s computer vision indexing photos will extract over 200 home attributes, including features like water views, fenced backyards, and natural lighting. This will make the home-search process far more intuitive and efficient for those looking for their dream homes. 


Home buyers can also access valuable data such as home equity and homeowners’ names. This will allow buyers to negotiate strategies based on a seller’s financial situation and better understand an owner’s motivation for selling their home.

“We’re not just another listing portal,” Carey Armstrong, Tomo Co-founder & COO, stated. “Tomo Real Estate is here to give home buyers a distinctive advantage with real, actionable insights—not overwhelming them with a buffet of information and ads to decipher alone. Think of Tomo Real Estate as your strategic partner, paving the way for home-buying success.”

This new portal works with Tomo Mortgage’s existing purchase mortgage business, which logs NPS scores that are regularly 20-plus points higher than their competitors. 

With Tomo’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools, homeowners can expect to find their dream homes far more quickly than with traditional methods. Potential buyers will no longer have to manually search dozens of listings to find their dream home. Now, they must rely on Tomo’s smart AI to navigate the problematic home-buying process. This will save not only time and money but also emotional hassle.