In an unexpected turn of events that has rattled the Las Vegas business sector, Todd Butwinick, previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Century 21 Gavish Real Estate, stands accused of misappropriating funds exceeding $500,000 from his employer. The revelation emerged following a meticulous inquiry conducted by the 8 News Now Investigators, who uncovered pivotal documents that shed light on the purported fraud.

Butwinick is now confronted with grave accusations, including a charge of grand theft involving amounts over $100,000. His apprehension on Friday, November 24, signifies the culmination of an extensive police probe, which postulates that he illicitly diverted a total sum of $586,000 over a period extending beyond ten years.

Situated at the epicenter of the real estate landscape in Las Vegas, Century 21 Gavish Real Estate is a prominent entity, boasting multiple branches throughout Southern Nevada. As COO, Butwinick was charged with overseeing critical financial aspects such as payroll, commissions, and major bank accounts. This high level of trust vested in him renders the charges particularly disconcerting for the company and its myriad stakeholders.

The details of the alleged embezzlement are alarming. According to documents, Butwinick is accused of illegally paying himself over $360,000 in commissions and full salary. Additionally, he reportedly failed to withhold medical expenses, resulting in further financial losses for the company. These actions, if proven true, reflect a significant breach of the ethical and legal responsibilities of a COO.

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The investigation also brought to light Butwinick’s alleged misuse of company resources for personal gain. Detectives claim that he used a company credit card for personal expenses, amounting to nearly $50,000. The expenditures did not stop there. Butwinick is also accused of using company funds for personal projects, including work on a Utah cabin, his life insurance, and services from a collections agency.

Following his arrest, Butwinick was released from custody but remains under court-ordered supervision, including a requirement to check in via telephone. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March, which is anticipated to shed more light on the details of the case and the extent of the alleged embezzlement.

As the legal process unfolds, the response from Butwinick’s defense remains pending. Despite requests for comments, statements from Butwinick’s attorney have not been forthcoming. This silence adds to the growing intrigue and concern surrounding the case.

The implications of this case are far-reaching. It casts a shadow over a prominent Las Vegas real estate firm and raises questions about oversight and financial management in corporate settings. The real estate industry relies heavily on trust and integrity, particularly in a bustling market like Las Vegas. Incidents like this can undermine public confidence and prompt a call for stricter controls and transparency in financial dealings.

For Century 21 Gavish Real Estate, the repercussions of these allegations are both financial and reputational. The company must now navigate the challenges of recovering from these losses and rebuilding trust with its clients and partners. The case also serves as a cautionary tale for other businesses on the importance of rigorous internal auditing and oversight. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have lasting implications for corporate governance and ethical business practices in Las Vegas and beyond.