There’s a new listing in LA, and it’s certainly getting attention. A gorgeous spec house with a live olive tree at the center is currently listed for $45 million. After years of conducting thorough design processes and carefully constructing each one, the property is ready to sell, and those excited about their next real estate investment can’t help but notice. 

The olive tree is surrounded by three glass walls, sitting inside a water feature on the basement level. This unique feature is helping it stand out amongst the rest of the listings today, putting it directly in the purview of all the most elevated investors. Now, we’re waiting to see which mansion enthusiast calls this exquisite property their own. 

Developer Shawn Kohen of Kohen Development Group bought the approximately ¾-acre lot in 2019. He spent $7.65M to purchase the asset in Holmby Hills and got directly to work. Now that the house has been recently completed, it spans about 17,600 square feet over three levels. There’s plenty of space to find peace of mind with six beautiful bedrooms, two kitchens, two libraries, and a roof deck. Everything necessary for an exceptionally comfortable life is ready, putting lackluster properties in their place. 

The decision to include an olive tree was a strategic choice by the designer to induce a more profound sense of zen and relaxation within the property. The tree species thrive in the California climate with exceptional longevity. An existing tree was flown in about five months ago using two different cranes, but the work was worth it. Due to the transparent nature of the glass, one can view the tree from any of the three levels on the property. Additionally, there’s access to the tree base from the basement level.

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The basement level doesn’t only serve that purpose – it also includes a sauna, steam room, gym, massage room, and a hot and cold plunge. Not to mention, a round infinity-edge pool adorns the outside. Those who don’t want to leave their property have every accommodation available to them already.

After several years of design and construction, the masterpiece is complete. Visitors enter the L-shaped house, walking over a gorgeous glass bridge that leads to the front door. They’re also graced with a two-sided fireplace with a three-dimensional stone design. The property makes an astounding first impression.

The first floor hosts a theater as a multipurpose entertaining space, sporting blackout shades, giant pocket doors leading to the outdoor area, and a bar. “We always see theaters hiding in the basement. We made ours a focal point,” stated Kohen.

This property is prone to become one of the most coveted on the market. The pictures show the inviting, open concept that sets this place above and beyond the rest available today. We look forward to seeing who’s allotted the purchase and the property’s future.