The character and culture of Wales sets itself apart with relaxing environs of many kinds, from cliffs overlooking the seas to hideaways nestled in green fields and cozy hillsides. Let your imagination take a quick tour of the possibilities. Can you picture a life of relaxation in these unique homes throughout Wales?

The Strawberry Gothic Manor

Imagine vast green laws interspersed with stands of old-growth trees and dappled with gardens; that’s the 17.5-acre property on which this strawberry gothic manor resides. This six-bedroom home is vast and bright, its great interiors lit by tactful lamps and chandeliers and enormous windows at the end of vast, arching hallways. Lounge in enormous, brightly painted rooms, basking in the elegantly ornate architecture all around you. If you feel like stretching your legs, go for a long, relaxing walk to any of the property’s outbuildings.

A Former Coastguard Station

Imagine a 70s office with all the cubicles and desks thrown out, with low windows lining every wall, paneled ceilings with flat lighting and air vents, and inoffensive gray carpeting. Are you saying that doesn’t sound like a luxury home? It’s what you make of it. This is the former coastguard station of Tutthead, which Dawsons says, “Has potential for residential use,” for a “visionary owner.” This unique structure rests on the rugged coastline with unobstructed views of Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay. Can you imagine turning this into one of the most unique homes in Wales?

The Modern Home with Wide-Open Ocean Views

Maybe you’re more interested in something more move-in-ready that isn’t fairy tale enormous, a bit more what modern house-seekers call a comfortable family home. Try picturing yourself in Ocher Las, a five-bedroom home with panoramic sea views of the Isle of Anglesey’s Heritage Coastline. This is a fully modernized and updated home, with open floor plans, and the kitchen situated right between the living room and the dining room. The dining room opens up completely onto the patio and those ocean views, by the way, so you can let the sea air fill the house whenever you like.

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Live In The Highest Room of the Tall Tower

Built around a circular stone tower, this appropriately named “Tower House” has four bedrooms on four stories built into an Erwood hillside. Navigate its heights by ascending the tower, and use the dumb waiter to help get things up and down. The interior of the tower hosts circular rooms for whatever use you have in mind, with the best views being from the top. This might not be a house for those who would prefer to avoid stairs.

The Essential Stone Cottage (And Farm!)

Sometimes your house comes with a farm, as is the case for this classic stone cottage farmhouse. If you imagine the essential old English farm cottage, you’ve probably imagined this six-bedroom house. It comes with 182 acres of land for a “livestock/arable farm,” and all the outbuildings needed to run it, including the barn, sheds, and a silo. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you wish you lived on a beautiful farm near the seaside, here’s your chance to just buy that dream outright.