According to, residences in the Glenbrook area of Lake Tahoe are the most expensive pieces of mountain real estate in the US. The community lies in the roughly 30-mile stretch of Lake Tahoe that rests in Western Nevada, and the entire region straddles the border with Northern California. The Nevada side is the more property-tax-friendly portion of Lake Tahoe and the overall Sierra Nevada range. Still, prospective buyers of real estate in the area are cautioned to understand some crucial factors.

The 89413 zip code boasts the nation’s priciest mountain residences when ranked by median listing price. The 89413 zip code encompasses the much larger and separate Glenbrook gated subdivision and six smaller neighborhoods. The area is coveted, elite, and private, so those looking to purchase property in the Glenbrook marketplace need to recognize that flexibility is vital. Willingness to deviate from your expectations or additional personal preferences will increase the likelihood of purchasing a home in the Glenbrook community. Those more willing to remodel or make other decisions based on variances from their ideal purchase target are likelier to buy. These needs for flexibility directly result from the fewer choices currently in the Glenbrook marketplace.

For those ready to purchase, exquisite properties are for sale that echo the validity of the elite community’s reason to boast the priciest mountain residences in the nation. As an example of one of Glenbrook’s most pristine Lake Tahoe mountain residences currently on the market, one home is a lodge on 1.61 acres of land with 156 feet of lakefrontage. The main house comprises six bedrooms, a two-bedroom guest house, a waterside beach house with a sun deck, and an office cabin. On the shore of the beautiful sandy beach is a private dock, private pier, a jet-ski dock, two buoys, and a lakeside hot tub. Although the property has undergone remodeling, it is only 26 years old, as it was initially constructed in 1997.

The Glenbrook community is under the radar, and locals often say this is what they prefer as it affords them ultimate privacy and seclusion. Glenbrook is one of the first Lake Tahoe area settlements that contains 300 houses spread out over 150 developed acres amid a broader range of land that spans a total of 750 acres. The most inexpensive homes in Lake Tahoe’s most elite community of Glenbrook have a price tag of $2.5 million, which only further lends credence to the findings that these homes are the nation’s priciest mountain residences. 

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While the Glenbrook community boasts the most expensive mountain homes in the US, it is not the only area of Lake Tahoe requiring a substantially healthy bank account. Other neighborhoods in the region, such as the Cave Rock neighborhood, have over 100 homes and 20 townhomes on the larger end of the community alone, with the lowest asking prices north of $1.5 million. Those living in the area appreciate the seclusion and serenity that Lake Tahoe offers, which is among the primary reasons why the region boasts the nation’s priciest mountain residences.