Greystone Real Estate Capital’s latest move sees Michael Boyle ascend to the role of Senior Vice President for Acquisitions & Institutional Investments. With a fruitful career spanning more than two decades in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) sector, Boyle brings a depth of expertise that promises to enrich Greystone Real Estate Capital’s leadership core. As a devoted and dependable figure in the national commercial real estate finance space, Greystone strategically unveiled Boyle’s appointment to fortify its LIHTC syndication platform and streamline its approach to affordable housing finance.

Boyle’s professional credentials include a string of noteworthy accomplishments and leadership stints within the LIHTC domain. Prior to joining Greystone, he wielded influence as Senior Vice President at CREA, LLC, where his insight played a monumental part in identifying, structuring, and executing LIHTC investment opportunities on a nationwide scale. Under Boyle’s stewardship, CREA experienced a surge in syndication activity and witnessed annual investment volumes skyrocket from just over $400 million to nearly $1.4 billion. 

His instrumental role in facilitating over $1 billion of institutional client equity across more than 150 transactions affirms his expertise and track record in LIHTC investments. Preceding his tenure at CREA, Boyle held roles at prestigious financial services firms like Raymond James, focusing on multifamily affordable housing equity and debt.

Along with his professional acumen and recognition, Boyle’s academic pedigree is equally impressive, earning an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. His tenure of service in the U.S. Army further illustrates his leadership skillset and his honorable dedication to serving his country. Each endeavor contributes to his qualifications as Greystone Real Estate Capital’s Senior Vice President for Acquisitions & Institutional Investments. 

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Expressing his enthusiasm for his new role at Greystone, Boyle articulated that the opportunity to contribute to the development of a ground-up LIHTC platform in today’s economic terrain is truly invigorating. He emphasized that the Greystone Real Estate Capital team is poised to chart new frontiers in the industry, and he expressed deep gratitude for being part of the movement to elevate real estate and housing finance. Boyle eagerly anticipates the positive impact the team will collectively forge.

Sarah Laubinger, Chief Operating Officer of Greystone Real Estate Capital, extended a warm welcome to Boyle, extolling his values and authenticity. Laubinger championed the shared vision of cementing Greystone’s stature as the preeminent provider of LIHTC, preservation, and workforce housing equity in the nation. She emphasized the team’s dedicated focus on innovation and distinct expertise in affordable housing finance, all underpinned by Greystone’s mission of philanthropy. 

Leveraging Greystone’s preeminent position in affordable housing for FHA and Agency lending, Boyle and his team aspire to magnify their positive impact on communities nationwide while upholding values of integrity and enduring partnerships.

Michael Boyle’s appointment hopes to serve as a positive step in Greystone Real Estate Capital’s mission to redefine the vital components of affordable housing finance. Boyle’s wealth of experience and the collective vision of the Greystone team are set to scale the company to sweeping heights of success and effect a profound and enduring difference in communities across the country.