In a strategic move to expand its Retail Empire in the US, True Religion, the iconic global lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, enlisted the expertise of RCS Real Estate Advisors (RCS), one of the top players in the retail real estate consultancy. This pivotal step by True Religion already led to the inauguration of True Religion’s first new brick-and-mortar store since 2019 at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall. 

Talking about the prospects of this business partnership, Edward Coury, Senior Managing Director at RCS Real Estate Advisors, revealed that RCS’s proficiency will be instrumental in guiding True Religion to assess its physical footprint to maximize its brand value. Coury stated, “Our innovative and data-driven approach to retail real estate selection, coupled with our deep understanding of the retail landscape, will help the brand reach its goal of opening select new locations over the coming years.” 

The strategic alliance with RCS Real Estate Advisors will likely be a milestone in True Religion’s journey to expand its presence in the retail sector, which mainly centers on core markets. This expansion will increase the brand’s e-commerce sales, adding a substantial customer base in premium full-price and outlet centers. Michael Buckley, CEO of True Religion, expressing his enthusiasm for this new venture, stated, “With their extensive knowledge and an exceptional track record in the industry, we are confident that the RCS team will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our Atlanta store and future store locations.” 

True Religion’s recent inauguration of the Cumberland store is the 47th in the brand’s impressive retail portfolio. The high-end store showcases an enhanced visual merchandising setup to elevate the shopping experience. The standout features of the store are meticulously curated modern fixtures, adding up to its aesthetics. These include fresh denim display tables, an array of half-body forms accommodating diverse sizes, and innovative light boxes to accentuate key denim apparel, helping customers get a closer look at each style with unparalleled precision. Additionally, the accessory cabinets displaying belts and handbags have been thoughtfully redesigned to add to the store’s overall appeal. 

RCS Real Estate Advisors have a stellar reputation for offering tailored real estate solutions that perfectly align with its clients’ unique needs and aspirations. The company stands out for adeptly navigating through the ever-evolving retail landscape. RCS is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to manage their retail real estate portfolios while expanding their physical footprint. 

The collaboration between True Religion and RCS Real Estate Advisors underlines the brand’s determination to evolve and grow while remaining true to its core principles. True Religion will leverage this collaboration to open more stores catering to its niche customers selectively. The guidance and insight of RCS will be highly instrumental in shaping the brand’s future success. 

As True Religion heralds a new era of growth with RCS Real Estate Advisors, the iconic lifestyle brand aims for an extensive reach in the retail landscape across the United States. With every new store launch, True Religion will solidify its physical presence in the retail market, offering an exclusive shopping experience in apparel and accessories to continue scaling its customer base.