There’s a pilot project for the Senior Living Transformation Center, culminating in collaboration between The Senior Living Transformation Company and Hunt Valley. Hunt Valley, an MD-based real estate investment trust Omega Healthcare Investors and the Senior Living Transformation Company, have acquired The Rivers at Maryland Farms. The establishment is a 113-unit senior living community operated by Sunrise Senior Living. This is the site for the future senior living innovation center, complete with technology, data solutions, and a new model of care. 

Kalven Senior Living will be operating the pilot project. As a new operating company based in Murfreesboro, TN, they’re ready to manage the center and the innovations incorporated into its fabric. 

The Senior Living Transformation Company focuses on software solutions that can elevate the living experiences of seniors everywhere. It was formed by investor and founder Arnold Whitman, executive chairman of Formation Capital and managing partner of Generator Ventures, owner and operator Chip Gabriel, Generations executive chairman COO, and partner Cory Bennett, as well as healthcare and product executive/Centered Care CEO and president, Joelle Poe.

The pilot project focuses on the convergence of real estate, care, and technology to enhance the living conditions of senior citizens. 

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After the challenges of the pandemic, workforce shortages, supply chain interruptions, and market swings, personnel in the senior living industry saw a need for improvement. These collaborators have come together with a vision of going beyond fundamental operations and providing seniors with the high-quality care and economic value they deserve. 

These challenges over recent years have resulted in a positive boost of investments in the senior living industry. Outstanding weaknesses were revealed during the pandemic, and these collaborators think it’s time to set things right. Existing senior living operating and care models needed to be revamped, and that’s exactly the work represented in this pilot project.

The Senior Living Transformation Center intends to accelerate technology adoption and demonstrate how elevated programming and care create value in real estate. By operating with a model where everyone wins, this project seeks to help seniors in a continuously propagating cycle that works to their benefit. 

They’re working toward an end goal with electronic health recording and medication administration systems and customer relationship management software solutions. Once new standards for measuring performance and quality are established, more pilot projects like this can be formed and fostered. 

Before we know it, seniors will live a better life on a societal level. This pilot program comprehensively tackles loneliness, anxiety, unsafe conditions, and malnutrition. This project will make seniors everywhere happier and healthier on all levels by instilling a stronger sense of community and providing exceptional access to communication systems. 

By pushing the limits on what can be done with the innovative technologies available in our modern era, pilot projects like this are setting a new standard that’s far closer to what the elderly deserve to experience in their later years of life. With a holistic approach encompassing physical, social, emotional, and spiritual factors, these collaborators are improving senior living dramatically. The Senior Living Transformation Company is providing a better experience for residents, increasing efficiency, and taking on one problem at a time from both a financial and human perspective. We look forward to seeing more pilot projects start soon.