For Florida Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth DeWoody, Palm Beach is the place to be. With more than birds heading South to lap in a life of luxury, people have been migrating to the Palm Beach area for several reasons, including opportunity and growth. Elizabeth DeWoody of Palm Beach Advisory at Compass has been making waves across Palm Beach real estate, addressing her clients’ needs, potential homebuyers, are looking for more than just a home – they are seeking a long-term investment. 

Serving the luxury market in Palm Beach, coastal West Palm Beach, and neighboring areas, this real estate agent entered the real estate world because of the desirability of Palm Beach and recognizing that this was an expanding area. While previously cultivating her ability to learn quickly and work hard with companies such as Procter and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, DeWoody saw the potential of Palm Beach homes and the opportunity to deliver a great service and product without compromising on her life as a mom of two. 

But real estate is a competitive playing field, and DeWoody knew that she had to act fast and push her way to the front of the line in order to compete in the Palm Beach market. When Compass, a real estate technology company, decided to expand into Palm Beach, DeWoody swooped in on the opportunity to become the founding agent for this new office location, and her swift action has proved to pay off. “I went with Compass because they were new and innovative. Compass helped me improve how I bring information to my customers through technology. And from a seller standpoint, the reach I now have with Compass is far better than any other brokerage firm,” explains DeWoody. Today, DeWoody has sold over a half-billion dollars of luxury homes since entering the residential market in 2021. Attributing her success to her openness to change and adapt with the times while navigating and understanding the marketplace and potential opportunities, DeWoody now reaches buyers from all over the world. 

What sets DeWoody’s business apart is the fact that she rose very quickly through her data-driven approach to business that she had created while working for Fortune 500 companies. Her experience in marketing and sales management has been key to her agency’s impressive beginnings, demonstrating her strengths in embracing technology and utilizing it as a strategic tool to reach a wider Palm Beach market audience. “My approach to luxury real estate is that this product is the same as it would be for any luxury product,” remarks this agent, further explaining how her clients have appreciated DeWoody’s approach at not simply selling houses, but also selling assets, investments, and a home. 


Beyond numbers and figures, DeWody’s intimate knowledge of the Palm Beach lifestyle makes her standout from her competitors. As a Palm Beach resident who was born and raised to become a “proud Floridian,” DeWoody can attest to the kind of lifestyle her clients would be buying into. As a wife and mother, DeWoody knows the neighborhood in a way only a local can, from bating to walks on Flagler Drive, this agent knows more than just architecture – she knows that character of Palm Beach, and she is ready to welcome you home.