International Luxury Real Estate Specialist Erin Maldonado knows that being excellent as a real estate agent in North California is not just about making sales. It’s about fostering a positive impact on the people within her community.

Maldonado understands this in ways others might not. Having grown up in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools system, and later becoming a teacher within it, Erin embraces the latest technology, and partners with lenders, title companies, and insurance providers to provide a forward-thinking business development strategy.

“In this competitive industry, we use collaborative efforts to care for our clients and each other,” she states. “The focus is not just on the transaction but on a holistic approach to grow.”

This philosophy from the North Carolina real estate broker has inspired her to craft a distinct approach beyond the conventional transactions that take place within the market. Industry disruption, as a result, is not just about grand claims, but practical strategies that move businesses further. As the Director of the NorthGroup Academy and the Leader of the Elite Estate Team at Northgroup Real Estate, Erin Maldonado has built a team that caters to the dynamic range of client needs—from first-time homebuyers, to land developers as well.

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When everyone in the team works together, she says, they progress not just in their careers, but toward the goals of their clients as well. Erin uses three key approaches to advance everyone further.

First, she claims that working collaboratively is key. Second, she states to be open to opportunities. And finally, she wants people to know how to harness development, engagement, and mindset.

These approaches, which act as stepping stones in real estate, create the greatest possibilities for agent and client success. Erin’s academic background in Education from UNCC and a Master of Education from Montreat College has laid the groundwork for the interactions she engages in with her clients to this day, especially those within her community. Her impressive record of selling residential and commercial properties across the Carolinas has used the three facets of her approach as a key to unlocking her business ambitions.

In business development, adaptability is an integral part of a business. Maneuvering through the dynamic ecosystem requires a buyer, a seller, and an agent to be flexible to achieve an optimal outcome. Erin learned this first-hand during her time at major relocation firms, during which she aided the transition of corporate executives in the Charlotte region. She continues to use these lessons to this day.

In North Carolina, hospitality brings people together. Erin’s approach to interacting with her clients in manners that benefit not just her clients, but her business, has led to her becoming a revolutionary figure in the real estate industry. As she works toward not only her own goals, but those of her team and of her clients as well, Erin advocates for a more collaborative approach for agent growth. This, she says, will help fulfill dream home purchases, and ensure inspiring business development for those in the real estate industry.