Real estate agents often come across properties that are anything but ordinary. Two such agents, Louise James and Ed Greable, have shared their experiences with some of the most unusual properties they’ve ever listed, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of real estate.

Louise James, a broker with Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty in Camas, Washington, recalls a unique listing from July 2021. This house was in the woods of Washougal, just a short distance from Vancouver. It was a three-bedroom home that stood out not for its architecture but its extraordinary inhabitants – life-size animatronic dinosaurs. The Pacific Northwest-style home, built in 2020 on a secluded 2-acre lot, was originally owned by someone with a deep fascination for dinosaurs. This passion was evident in the five animatronic dinosaurs, including a brachiosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus rex, which greeted visitors upon arrival. The inside of the house was, maybe not surprisingly, decorated with “Jurassic Park” memorabilia, transforming it into a unique short-term rental destination.

The property initially sold for $575,000 and quickly became popular with people from all over the country who love dinosaurs. James, who assisted in its management, was later tasked with reselling the property – this time as a dinosaur-themed retreat. In January 2023, an Arizona-based investment group recognized its unique appeal and purchased it for $1.05 million, intending to use it as an exclusive vacation rental. For James, selling this house with its dinosaur friends was more than just a job; it was an adventure and showed how exciting working in real estate can be.

On the East Coast, Ed Greable of Keller Williams Realty Boston Northwest in Cambridge, Massachusetts, encountered a property different from conventional homes. In November 2020, he took on a two-bedroom, two-bath detached condominium in Cambridge that defied traditional design norms. Resembling a Rubik’s Cube with its three cubic levels set at varying angles, the house’s marine-grade plywood exterior in steel gray added to its distinctiveness. The property’s interior was unconventional, featuring nine skylights across four levels, including a basement. The top level, housing the primary bedroom, was an open-concept space where privacy was a concept redefined – the bathroom and laundry area were in plain sight.

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With its unconventional layout and open spaces, this unique property demanded a buyer with an appreciation for its architectural peculiarities. After some renovations, it found its match in October 2021, selling for $765,000 to an architect who admired its distinctive design. For Greable, this property was a reminder of the diverse tastes and preferences in the housing market and the importance of matching a home’s unique character with the right buyer.

These two stories highlight the real estate market’s varied and often surprising nature. Agents like James and Greable become storytellers of the unique spaces people call home. Whether it’s a house with dinosaurs for dinosaur lovers or a modern, cube-shaped house for those who love unique architecture, the real estate world offers different styles and stories. As these agents have shown, the world of real estate is not just about transactions; it’s about finding the extraordinary among the ordinary and, in doing so, turning houses into homes with stories to tell.