Keller Williams Realty has partnered with Coursera to launch a new educational path for those looking to join the real estate world. The KW Real Estate Agent Professional Certificate is a detailed online program now open to beginners and seasoned pros aiming to boost their real estate careers.

This innovative certificate program offers 124 hours of content, carefully put together to cover every part of the real estate business. It ranges from real estate basics, sales skills, building lasting client relationships, and running a successful real estate operation. During the launch, Meredith Maples, Senior Director of Keller Williams University, highlighted the importance of this partnership.

“This is one of the most comprehensive foundational real estate education programs available on the market today,” she explained. “The KW Real Estate Agent Professional Certificate offers essential foundational training for success in an industry that provides limitless opportunity.”

The program includes five main courses. They focus on key areas vital for success, like understanding housing market trends, getting better at contract talks, and strategies for growing your business. It also looks into practical tasks like dealing with buyers and sellers, generating leads, and turning those leads into deals.

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Developing skills is a significant part of the program. There’s a big focus on improving communication, customer service, and managing finances. Future real estate agents will learn to analyze market data, create engaging stories about market conditions, and share these insights with potential clients. This all-around approach ensures that graduates know their stuff about real estate and have the skills to handle the market’s complexities.

The collaboration between Keller Williams and Coursera marks a big step in real estate education. Coursera is known for its work with top universities and industry partners, offering access to a network of over 142 million learners. “This partnership lets us educate the next wave of real estate agents and leaders on a scale we’ve never seen before,” says Coursera’s Chief Content Officer Marni Baker Stein.

One of the standout features of the program is its ease of access. It offers a complete intro to real estate, setting the stage for formal licensing education. After finishing the certificate, Keller Williams provides scholarships to qualified individuals in some areas, helping them move towards a licensed real estate career.

Launching the KW Real Estate Agent Professional Certificate comes at a crucial time. The real estate industry is constantly changing, and there’s a growing need for skilled professionals. An industry source states there are 54,800 job openings for real estate agents and brokers annually, with a projected growth rate of 5% from 2018-2028. Although you don’t need a college degree to become a real estate agent, most states do require a license. With a curriculum created by Keller Williams’ top agents, this program offers unmatched insights into the practical side of real estate, blending theory with real-life applications.

By training a new group of informed and skilled real estate professionals, this program isn’t just preparing for the future of the real estate market—it’s helping shape it. Graduates of the KW Real Estate Agent Professional Certificate enter the field ready to bring a new level of dynamism, knowledge, and skill, aiming to lift the real estate industry to greater heights.